Providing women with the breast cancer


they are seeking

Pain-free, low-cost, sensitive, radiation-free device to detect breast cancer in urine

The Problem

1 In 8 Women

will have breast cancer
at least once

Young Women

20 - 49 do not have reliable
screening methods available

Want to Get Tested

81% of them want to get tested
for breast cancer

The Solution

We’re building a pain-free, radiation-free and accessible breast cancer test for them

Breast Cancer Prevention for Women <50



Women aged 20-49 cannot get screened for breast cancer because existing solutions are unreliable. However, they want to, and are ready to pay for it. At “The Blue Box”, we have built a pain-free, low-cost, sensitive, radiation-free device to detect breast cancer in urine with a sensitivity of 88.33%.

Scientific Validation

Currently collaborating with 7 hospitals, with over 450 women having participated in our study

The Blue Box - Featured at

Key Opinion Leaders are Supporting Us

“WomEC will revolutionize uterine cancer
diagnosis in the world”
Javier F. Magrina,
Director Gynecologic Oncology
“From a clinical perspective, the project is expected to benefit the European community”
Frederic Amant,
Head of the gynecology oncology department, ex-chairman of the ENITEC consortium

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