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#NowReading, Spring 2021 edition: “Thinking out of the BOX”

Hello beautiful community!


March is already here and we feel more motivated than ever!

We have just started 3D-printing the first batch of Blue Boxes that will be used in a clinical setting, meaning that this one will sure be a busy month!


For this reason, we (Billy & Judit) wanted to thank this wonderful community by sharing a few posts that we have found interesting in these past couple months. The topic of this month’s reading club edition is…

“To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks”

– Bill Gates


How did Impossible Foods happen?


Don’t miss out on this inspiring QB3 Seminar: Pat Brown, Impossible Foods!


In 2011, following an academic career at Stanford, biochemist Pat Brown launched Impossible Foods with a goal of eliminating animal agriculture by 2035. The company’s first product, the award-winning Impossible Burger, includes the molecule heme.

Now, Impossible Foods sells its products in more than 11,000 grocery stores and tens of thousands restaurants in the United States, Canada and key Asian markets, and the company is working on prototypes including milk, steak, fish and chicken.

Watch this amazing talk by QB3, at QB3TV.


Looking for some inspiration to kick this Thursday?


We invite you to read this article at Forbes on Why These Two Moms Left Airbnb To Take On The $70B Baby Formula Industry.


“Breast Is Best,” so the breastfeeding slogan goes. But when former Airbnb operator, Laura Modi, couldn’t produce enough milk for her daughter, her journey down the grocery aisle uncovered some shocking realizations about her baby formula options. 90% of the $70 billion market was cornered by three companies and their formula contained controversial ingredients like syrups and soy.


Here you have some tips that we really enjoyed reading!


We loved this article at BetterHumans on “Change Your Thinking to Perform Like Your Idols: a Proven Method

You must know as much about them [your idols] as possible. Study them, read them, watch interviews and documentaries. Read biographies, autobiographies, and obituaries. Realistically, if they’re a true role model or idol of yours, you’ll have done this already.

Hope you find these topics worth reading. We really did! Have a beautiful rest of this month 🙂


Have a nice read! And feel free to start a discussion down below!


Be happy :),


– Billy & Judit

The Blue Box Team

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